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The nerfed player fire rate made this much more enjoyable. Thank you!

"FOR CURDLESTAN!!!" wait, this cry is from the medieval period oops.

The game is really fun, love the commander's voice, the art is simple but effective.

I just gonna point out some obvious bug:

+The enemies sometimes can pass through a block or standing still.

+I don't really know the camp work I have full turrets but I still lose that camp.

I suggest do something with the bullet, like make it limited so players don't just hold the left-click down and have to really aim to save the bullet or unlimited bullet but the player still needs to reload so they don't go full Rambo.

The map needs something more like stones, ponds or trees so people can easier to figure out where are they.

I said this already but the game is really fun, keep it up Cap ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ 

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Thanks Evil!

-Yeah, unfortunately my enemy AI script uses transforms to move, so it doesn't take collision into account. I don't know how to do pathfinding and didn't have the time for this jam.

-The camp turrets are meant to make recapturing a camp significantly easier/allow you to farm the enemies around them, just to clarify.

-Nerfing the player fire rate (it's at 600 RPM as of the time of this comment) and adding some environmental objects to the map for navigation are great ideas, I'll see if I can reupload a build with those changes.

Okay, I've nerfed the player fire rate and added some flowers for easier navigation. Thanks again Evil!

5/5 literally playable